"Mommy Guilt"
I think feeling guilty is one of the biggest weapons in the enemy's arsenal.  I have struggled with it my entire life.  I am an analyzer.  Mostly of myself.  I get done with a project, a conversation, or a performance, and I chew it up one side and down the other.  I don't usually glory in it, but I do pick it apart to see what I could have done better.

Many of you remember our daughters, Emily and Lauren, who literally grew up in the shop.  No one ever wanted our hand-me-downs, because they were usually covered with shop grime or smelled like exhaust.  Back then, I had a small desk in the corner of my office and the girls things took up the rest.  I felt so guilty when I had to divide my time between my customers and my children.  Sometimes, I even had customers insist that I take care of my crying child as I was helping them with something.  Ok, so they thought I was not a great parent, either.  (Lie of the enemy)

Those little "shop rats" have grown alot since those days.  The only time they are in my office now, is when I am paying them to work!  Emily is 17 and Lauren is 13.  The one thing with which the enemy can't attack me,is how we have poured Jesus into our girls.  They have been saturated their entire lives with TRUTH.  TRUTH that is not up for debate or conjecture.  TRUTH is a person and that PERSON is JESUS. 

They have been exposed to the "least of these" and they have developed a heart for servanthood and missions.  For that, I will not feel guilty.  The picture on the upper right is Lauren (13), sitting in one of the poorest barrios of Nicaragua, swarmed by children.  This is her happy place.

The picture on the lower right is Emily (17), holding a precious girl from Nicaragua in her lap.  Emily hopes to start North Greenville University in the fall of 2018 to major in Cross Culture Studies that will lead her in a life of missions. 

This is all a result of Christ in them.  This is not a result of their parents just living a "good life" before them. 

Take that, satan.